Haley Che


Patent Attorney

Mr. Haley Che is specializing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology matters. With his many years of pharma industry and law firm experience, he helps his clients develop and manage comprehensive patent portfolios that address their business needs for inventions involving pharmaceuticals, biologics, and biotherapeutics for diverse therapeutic areas, biotechnology, chemical engineering, chemicals, diagnostics, healthcare products and polymers, whether through preparation and prosecution of his clients’ inventions or through licensing technologies or a combination of both.

Chinese Patent Office has a lot of published policies and procedures as well as the internal guidelines, cases in SIPO are influenced by many facts and the result is quite unpredictable.  Mr. Che is experienced in working with SIPO with his unique skills on patent search, drafting and communicating with examiners. The clients enjoy his opinions and suggestions before actions as well as his prosecution service afterward.  Mr. Che provides his clients with strategic perspective on managing business issues and risks and focuses on optimizing business outcomes. 

With the unique search and analysis skills, Mr. Che participated in many IP projects for our clients, including organize and manage the patent portfolio for Sinopec, L’Oreal, Clarins, enforcement projects for PerkinElmer, Shanghai Focus, China Stirling Engine and a lot of FTO search projects.  Clients are satisfied with the predictable outcomes as well as his reliable service.

Mr. Che's services also include preparing agreements, transactional and licensing work, product and manufacturing patent clearances, and representing his clients in court in all phases of litigation, including appeals, of patent, trademark, copyright and unfair competition actions.

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