Carlo Tao


Carlo Tao

Tel: + (8621) 6212 5577 ext. 808

Fax: + (8621) 5089 5618


Trademark Attorney

Attorney at Law

Practice Experience

December 2016 - Present  China IPwell International Law Firm  Lawyer & Trademark Agent


Professional Areas

Trademark Counseling, Maintenance and Prosecution


Practice Areas

Counseling and Prosecution of trademarks, domain names, copyrights, etc., as well as Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Contract Disputes, Legal Counsel, etc.


Mr. Tao uses English as his daily working language.  He is good at dealing with the trademark actions for search, applications, registrations, licenses, assignments, change, review of refusal, oppositions, invalidations, cancellations, administrative litigation, assisting the clients with the rights protection actions through Infringement Complaints in local AIC, Online Complaints regarding trademarks and patents, and providing application and protection matters for copyrights, domain names, etc.


As a professional trademark consultant lawyer, Mr. Tao has represented and participated in numerous trademark legal cases involving advertising, entertainment, automobiles, heavy machinery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, luxury goods, etc.


As one of foreign involved lawyers in IPwell, Mr. Tao can communicate with overseas lawyers and parties directly and draft various legal documents in English.  He is very familiar with legal system and the judicial environment in Europe and America, and is dedicated to providing legal services for international business between domestic and foreign clients.


Classic Cases

Invalidation Actions and Infringement Complaints for Ms. Yayoi Kusama, a famous art master in Japan;

Opposition and Invalidation Actions for Mr. Lionel Andrés Messi, a famous soccer player;

Opposition Actions for AEROSOLES, a US brand in footwear;

Opposition Actions for GaGà Milano, an Italian brand in watch;

Opposition, Invalidation, Cancellation Actions, Infringement and Anti-unfair Lawsuit, as well as Infringement Complaints for HOPPE, a leading brand in hardware;

Opposition Actions for CARVICO, a leading brand in Italy;

Invalidation Actions for PRISMA, a Spain brand in mechanical.

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